About Prabhat Jain

Over a span of 30 years in the Silicon Valley, I have been fortunate to have founded companies that have pioneered Multimedia Technologies. In the late 70’s, together with the incredible talent at Atari with Nolan Bushnell, Al Alcorn, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and others, I became Atari’s supply chain specialist and later supplied Jobs and Wozniak with 20 kits to build the first Apple computers. Later, I would supply Apple first and then IBM, with the first color technologies that enabled computers “to go” color.

Roy Kusomoto and I established the first sub assembly plant, Solectron, in 1977 in the Silicon Valley at Elko Drive, Sunnyvale to help Atari make its consoles and service its customers.

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    Monsoon Multimedia

My Achievements So Far

Over the years, I have formed some well known companies such as Solectron, Monsoon Multimedia, Media Vision & SliQBits
SliQ and VideoTalkie

Amazing apps developed by SliQBits, offering its voice and video call service free and unlimited for smartphone users in India.

Clypcall and ClypVideo

Developed the vision of enabling emerging market populations to make voice and video calls for free at very low bandwidths.

Monsoon Multimedia India

Monsoon Multimedia developed hardware and software engines to place shift content, much like the Slingbox.

Emuzed - the first company to develop Media Center hardware for Microsoft

Leading provider of software engines that compressed and decompressed audio and video for mobile phones. Customers included Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and TI.

Dazzle Multimedia

Dazzle used semiconductors from C-Cube Microsystems and developed comprehensive software engines and user interfaces for consumers to compress, store and burn CDs and DVDs from their PCs.

Value Media / Turtle Beach

Developed mass volume integrated audio cards with CD Rom drives and shipped to retailers worldwide. Turtle Beach acquired Value Media and used the retail markets for its own branded products.

Video 7

In conjunction with Steve Jobs and Walt Broedner, developed the first RGB color card for the Apple computers.

Things I am good at

I firmly believe in hard work, dedication and quality
Strategic Planning 99%
Business 99%
Research 90%
Ideation 85%
Public Speaking 85%
Negotiations 85%