See When did the Silicon Valley begins?

When did the Silicon Valley begin?

Some say it began with the semiconductors in the late sixties and early seventies. But really at that time there were no Personal computers so we must then rely on when PCs came into being. Atari in mid seventies, at least when I came to know this highly innovative company, had started developing the Pong… Continue reading

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

What did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have in common?

Both had different backgrounds, came from very different families and geographies and both were school dropouts. That did not define them. What defined them was the obsession to succeed. I knew both of them personally and can attest to 3 attributes they both had: hard work, maniacal focus on detail and a "never give up";… Continue reading

Personal Computers - Color

Who needs Color?

There was a time when all personal computers were monochrome meaning that there was no color on the screens. They came in grey, green or amber screens. Hercules Graphics pioneered by a UC Berkeley student was a big deal. In other words you could see charts and bars on the screens. Walt Broedner, an incredibly… Continue reading

Business Innovation

The Crazy Process of Silicon Valley Innovation

Innovators in the Valley hate market research. We often tend to get obsessed with an idea and develop a solution without worrying if consumers will use our solutions. I will cite some examples from my life. Commodore Computers had a colorful CEO, Jack Tramiel. Now Jack went to the concentration camp in Auschwitz and was… Continue reading

How the Silicon Valley began

How the Silicon Valley began

We are in the mid 70’s. I cannot remember a man who did not have a beard, or any woman who wore a bra. We would gather around in a park in Los Gatos, smoke pot and dream. Honest. That’s how Atari began. Bushnell was inspiring but it was the Al (Alcorn) who developed the… Continue reading