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Prabhat Jain from Monsoon Multimedia, appointed Chairman of Clyp Engines Pvt. Ltd.

NOIDA, India, July 24, 2015  Clyp Engines Private Ltd, announced that Prabhat Jain, a Silicon Valley veteran and visionary was appointed by Clyp Engines as non-executive Chairman.

Mr. Jain has founded leading companies and brands such as Vega Deluxe VGA, Vega VRAM, Pro Audio Spectrum, Turtle Beach, Dazzle Multimedia, Emuzed and Vulkano. Prabhat brings with him an extensive network to help the company commercialize its technologies and products.

Clyp Engines main mission is to deliver state-of-the-art video engines to smartphone and cloud companies. Clyp Engines has developed a unique process to stream HD quality video utilizing 30% less CDN infrastructure and developed encoding engines that automatically adjust to network bandwidth fluctuations.

Mr. Jain’s drive and passion for what consumers want, is expected to help this young company accelerate its efforts for monetization. It is expected that Clyp Engines modules will embed into devices such as smart vacuum cleaners, smartphones, smart refrigerators and other smart devices.

Prabhat intends to recruit a top-class management team comprising of colleagues from his previous companies. This should result in rapid deployment of the company’s products across various industries.

A new board is being formed and will include some well-known technology and brand experts. Funding for the company is also in full swing. The company is in stealth mode for now.

About Clyp Engines

Clyp Engines offers an end-to-end streaming solution for content owners and broadcasters to reach and manage online audience for content starting from conceptualization to deployment and can help content owners reduce the complexity of live as well as VOD distribution. Clyp Engines provides a seamless user experience across platforms, servers, technologies, and networks.

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