Prabhat Jain Monsoon Multimedia

Prabhat Jain from Monsoon Multimedia, appointed Chairman of Clyp Engines Pvt. Ltd.

NOIDA, India, July 24, 2015 – Clyp Engines Private Ltd, announced that Prabhat Jain, a Silicon Valley veteran and visionary was appointed by Clyp Engines as non-executive Chairman. Mr. Jain has founded leading companies and brands such as Vega Deluxe VGA, Vega VRAM, Pro Audio Spectrum, Turtle Beach, Dazzle Multimedia, Emuzed and Vulkano. Prabhat brings with him an extensive network to help… Continue reading

Story of my life by Prabhat Jain

Story of my life

My name is Prabhat Jain. I want to share with you the story of my life of hard work and innovation, and the huge sacrifices I have made in order to help consumers enjoy great products and services globally. Throughout my life which has been mostly spent in the Silicon Valley, Europe and India, I… Continue reading