Personal Computers - Color

Who needs Color?

There was a time when all personal computers were monochrome meaning that there was no color on the screens. They came in grey, green or amber screens.

Hercules Graphics pioneered by a UC Berkeley student was a big deal. In other words you could see charts and bars on the screens. Walt Broedner, an incredibly smart Argentinian and I, founded a company called Video-7. We went to UC Berkeley together. We were a good combination. Walt was a purist while I was practical and was able to sort things out.

I remember that we took a course at Cal- EECS 152 A, then 152B,-in ElectroMagnetics. Our professor Tom Taussig did not appreciate that we were clueless about his course and lectures. At any rate, we got thru 152A, with B averages but getting through 152B was not going to happen. Finals came and we were struggling big time. I told Walt to study in the library with me and revise all the exams for the past 3 years that Prof. Taussig had given to his students. Walt laughed at me and proceeded to burn the midnight oil.

Finals happened. You guessed right. The final exam from 2 years before was put in front of us. Even the bloody numbers in equations were the same except for one.  And I had the guts to go to Taussig and tell him that where he had 1000 gauss an obvious mistype) should have been 10,000 gauss!  He thought, poor guy, that he had a genius on his hands and he announced to the whole class that I had worked out that the equation was not solvable with 1000 and the number needed to be 10,000.

Well when Walt and I hooked up at Video-7, I became the point man to deal with Steve Jobs on a beautiful color board we had developed for the Apple 2e.  You want to guess how this story ended?  Later…

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